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Soundtrack of My Life: Vol.1, ep.1

I’ve always considered myself a music buff with eclectic taste in all sorts of genres, blah blah – same story I think anyone would start off telling, especially if they love music, too. I sometimes imagine that if I were the guy who picked music for movie scores that I’d create a great soundtrack/set list; when I DJed for a few years, I thought I was pretty good at it. But since nobody’s going to hire me based on my musical tastes (yet), I thought maybe I could create the ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ and share with you, the music that’s defined and shaped me, for better or worse.

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You say “Arnold”, I say “Amold”

I have a really good friend from high school named Arnold. A couple of us in the old crew call him “Amold”. The nickname pretty much stuck all these years, but it’s really just me and one other friend who call Arnold “Amold”. Nobody else gets this weird inside joke except us.

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n00b Taniguchi

I always get a kick out of watching this amateur movie of Taniguchi drifting.

Bum, bum…doo doo doo doo

BOWLS LA promo spot

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Shenanigans (with Vaughn Gittin JR)

This was right before he pummeled me to the ground in the hotel lobby. Ah, 2007, how I miss thee!

SP Engineering SPE750 ball bearing turbo upgrade

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Uniqlo MixPlay