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Nice S13

Kids, on fixies

Datsun 610 wagon

Love the stance on this Datsun wagon. Read more: HERE (image: Linhbergh Nguyen)

Honda HSV-010 GT prototype

So fucking bad-ass!

Magda at Circo Loco/DC 10, Ibiza (16-07-2007)

Look at that crowd reaction!

For An Angel 2009

After all these years, it still rocks…

Before Michael Scott, there was Wayne’s World

Buon Giorno indeed

(image: Milano Fixed)

And I thought it was the seven herbs and spices that drove them nuts…

Lesley McCave, a blogger on LA Weekly‘s Squid Ink collective, recently commented on the KFC phenomenon that takes over Japan during Christmas time. Since the Japanese don’t have much access to turkey and probably don’t celebrate this holiday like most Americans do (by roasting a turkey and devouring it around a huge dinner table), those who feel the need to improvise, do so by stumbling over to their local KFC, or as the locals refer to as ‘Kentucky‘. I don’t find this particularly weird or anything, nor should anyone for that matter. What is interesting, however, is that they dress the Colonel up in full Santa gear, as with other holidays throughout the year, or for no real reason at all. Perhaps this was simply an interesting nugget of info that you’ll relay to a friend but I’m guessing you’ll be thinking, “Shit, I wish I didn’t read this” instead. Happy holidays y’all.

Those wacky superheroes!