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Empire fixed gear bicycle trailer

This gets me every single time

Hearing a fobby British accent blows my mind away…

And that’s the double truth, Ruth!

This Norse Projects shirt is so awesome, I had to get it. And quote Samuel L. Jackson from ‘Do the Right Thing’.

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Your camera gear sucks

Ok, you must be someone cool if you can haul your gear around in a LV case and bling your camera body with Swarovski crystals.

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What breed of dog is this???

Still craving one of these

Beyond missing the amazing delicacies that Japan has to offer – like sushi or takoyaki – I find myself missing their fast food from time to time, none more so than McDo’s very own Ebi Filet-O. Comprised of the same sesame seed buns used to construct the Big Mac and filled with a patty that one assumes is “shrimp” (because really, when did you believe that everything that McDs puts into their foods is what they really are, ie: chicken mcnuggets). It is so damn tasty but gives me gas for days. In America, I don’t think the Ebi Filet would pass most palettes on any given day.

Fist Pump!

Ear wax removal

Holy crap!

Jayd Lovely

Unused outtake from a photoshoot with Jayd Lovely I did back in September for Super Street.

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But an even better S15

Rauh Welt Nissan S15 Silvia