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Would you hit it?

Jesse James did. Yikes.

When A Mexican Drug Lord Gets Busted…

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Benefits of Quitting, by Esquire

This month’s Esquire shares a few editorials centered around the idea of living without, or quitting, things, things that we all depend on for our daily lives. How would your life be if you were disconnected in these ways? Truth be told, we’re not far from a time when we had to pick up a phone to get in touch with someone…

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New Dress Code Policy

Imagine if this were enforced at your favorite club?

Conversations with Jerry

I'm not smart enough to make this up.

True story.

iPhone test

Just downloaded the wordpress app and testing it out

Don’t think Ikea has this coffee table in stock

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Thanks Katman LOL

Want. Need. Can’t have.

Wish I was still in Japan right about now so I could go and pick this gem up.

from Hypebeast:
HEADPORTER’S Black Beauty line continues to impress, this time offering a sleek camera bag to its roster of staple items. The bag features all-black construction with the quality one would come to expect from premier Japanese bag makers HEADPORTER. Retailing for ¥23,100 (Approx. $259 USD), the bag is now available at HEADPORTER.