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Vote “Yes” on Danger Dog!

At first, after seeing numerous billboards throughout LA, I thought this was some political move to legalize danger dogs being served on the streets, but it’s really just a marketing ploy by Farmer John to make danger dogs the official hot dog of LA. I thought it already was? But it’s certainly not without merit; Farmer John will donate a pound of food to local downtown LA food banks for each ‘yes’ vote.

Good Girl Dinette

A self proclaimed ‘American diner meets Vietnamese comfort food’ establishment. Sounds pretty cool. Menu looks tasty.

And a two block walk off the Gold line in Highland Park. Sweet!

Origins of the “Dirty Dog”, aka Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

Without fail, I always manage to eat one of these things after a long night of drinking in Hollywood. I’m sure you have, too.

But have you ever wondered, during your drunken stupor, where the Dirty Dog actually comes from? Believe it or don’t, it’s actually not born and raised in LA.

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$89 Steak and Eggs?!?

from NYMag columnist, Daniel Maurer:

Marc Forgione gets some play today in the obligatory Daily News article about hot-headed chefs, but he tells us the whole Ron Lieber debacle is “behind us now,” and he’s more worked up about something he plans to add to his brunch menu this Sunday. At $89, it may be tempting to put his “hardcore, over-the-top steak and eggs,” as he describes it, in the category of a $1,000 paella, but Forgione says “the restaurant doesn’t even make money on this thing,” since he pays about $9.50 a pound to secure the 30-ounce cut of Creekstone Farms 28-day dry-aged rib eye (you’ll recall Creekstone is all the rage these days). “It costs me $30 just to get the steak on the plate,” says Forgione. The dish, which serves two, comes with two Feather Ridge farm eggs, two hash browns, North Country applewood smoked bacon, homemade maple-and-fennel-pork sausage, and country toast. It comes with a bloody or mimosa. No, they are not unlimited.

I’m sure this is worth the price (in an alternate universe where I am filthy stinking rich) but hot dang, I also don’t mind the deal at Norm’s.

Place To Be, by Nick Drake

Anywhere there’s beef noodle soup is where I wanna fuckin’ be.


Adventures in NYC

Good friends, speakeasy hangouts, cars, Uniqlo and the ubiquitous Halal carts = no better way to enjoy NYC.

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Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Guide to Techniques’

What a fantastic episode that is aimed at any food lover’s perspective, meaning if you can cook, don’t or can’t – then this is the show for you. A lot of basic techniques are explained here by knowledgeable chefs, from how to craft a simple omelette to something everyone thinks they can do (ie. grilling a steak the right way), it’s an episode that should be left on the DVR and studied, at least so you can pretend to know what you’re doing. At some point in time, I’ll be using it to help me along in the kitchen; I know I can use it. Try to catch a re-run if you’ve missed it.

Kit Kats of the World

Fruit Parfait Kit Kat

Who knew there were so many?

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