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‘Running On Empty’, by Ross Ching

What if tomorrow, everyone disappeared?

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‘Fixed’ for H by Harris

shot by Manny Bonnett

Dedon: A Play Chair Conquers Times Square

Dedon is a German furniture company, whose ad I saw in this month’s Dwell. I was trying to locate the photo from the actual ad when I stumbled upon their blogazine. Really cool stuff; inspiring.

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Hipstamatic test

adidas Originals – Women’s Collection Lookbook

(For the curious, the track playing is Friendly Fires – Paris [Aeroplane Remix featuring Au Revoir Simone].)

ALLTRACK 2010: Subrosa Trick Contest

Louis Vuitton iPad case

Not much of .50 Cent left

Good lord.

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That was the first video I’ve posted that had over 2K hits! Damn you!


Really interesting look at inner city bike culture, a far cry from the fixed gears.