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Kayla & her Sekai

Kayla & Sekai

from: theFixFixFix

Monika & Bianchi D2 SuperPista

Monika & Bianchi D2

from: theFixFixFix

custom Aristotle fixed gear


from: Republic Bike

A really good custom Daft Punk helmet

I’ve seen several people on the Internet who have tried to make their own custom Daft Punk helmets, but none are as impressive as this one by Volpin Props, who fashioned Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo‘s for a customer. And no, you can’t buy one for yourself…unless you’re prepared to spend lots of cash. Read more: here

Uniqlo MixPlay

6am insomnia with Bobby Brown

Most mornings I’m up around 6a or so, usually to use the restroom, and it’s about that time that I go and shut off the television from being on (or keep it on to see the news). Today I happened to turn halfway in to ‘Behind the Music: Bobby Brown‘, right as they were discussing the break-up between him and New Edition. Being fans of NE and Bobby as a solo artists, I stayed tuned, mostly because I didn’t know much about why the group broke up (it was because he didn’t want to conform to selling out as a bubble gum pop act and wanted more control of the creative process). Many drugs and a failed marriage with Whitney Houston later, we all know the guy has been through his troubles, served his time, so on and so forth; don’t care, wasn’t anything new. I was interested more in what he’s up to now, especially since I saw him earlier this year at the Greek Theater, headlining alongside Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill, who apparently had formed a new trio called Heads of State. They’re really great live, basically the other half of NE if you can see Bell Biv Devoe perform near or around the same time, which I did. Bobby has since released ‘Gold‘, a greatest hits compilation from his various solo, NE and collaborative efforts; starred on CMT’s ‘Gone Country‘, a reality tv show (a point in time where he finally dropped the drug habit); and is now touring with Heads of State on his road to redemption. A relatively good ending to an otherwise troubled lifestyle. Now they just need a complete New Edition reunion tour (not sure if the recent NE reunions actually featured Bobby Brown as part of the act, according to VH1’s report).