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Christian Rado

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Shenanigans (with Vaughn Gittin JR)

This was right before he pummeled me to the ground in the hotel lobby. Ah, 2007, how I miss thee!

SP Engineering SPE750 ball bearing turbo upgrade

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‘off seasons’ with Ryan Tuerck

Mugen turbo manifold (no, seriously)

Bet you’ve never heard of a Mugen turbo manifold until today. I didn’t believe it either until I saw this on, where someone said, “Spot the Mugen in this engine bay”. Clearly there isn’t anything really cosmetic that would make you believe there’s anything Mugen at all and since it’s turbocharged, you become even more clueless. Turns out the owner of the car used a beat up header and had it custom fabricated to bolt up to a turbo. Pretty cool.