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BMI Racing 4-Rotor RX-8

BMI Racing 610hp 4-rotor RX-8

from MazdaUSA’s website:

4-ROTOR FURY: BMI Racing’s 610WHP Mazda RX-8 Screams Super Exotic

Sport compact tuners BMI Racing today call the Los Angeles area home, but the company originally hails from Brisbane, Australia. Established in 2004 by owner-operators Adam and Sarah Burgess, their expertise with Haltech ECUs helped the upstart company make a quick reputation in its homeland before they took the leap of faith in January 2008 and moved the operation to the United States.

BMI Racing RX-8

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Tanner Foust street drifting on Mulholland? I’m in.

AP Boss custom turbo bracket thingamabob


Cool but probably very useless.

from: Phi

Forgotten RSX

Haven’t seen this car in ages. A mere shell of its former life.

Mugen turbo manifold (no, seriously)

Bet you’ve never heard of a Mugen turbo manifold until today. I didn’t believe it either until I saw this on, where someone said, “Spot the Mugen in this engine bay”. Clearly there isn’t anything really cosmetic that would make you believe there’s anything Mugen at all and since it’s turbocharged, you become even more clueless. Turns out the owner of the car used a beat up header and had it custom fabricated to bolt up to a turbo. Pretty cool.