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LA Laker Girl tryouts

What a shitty assignment for the LA Times.

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Lunch with Hunter S.

The corner table at this dive bar/restaurant was the seating area of choice for author, Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. The Woody Creek Tavern has excellent guacamole and tamales. Decor is about something you’d expect out of a LSD trip.

12,500 feet up at Independence Pass

This is probably one of the highest places I’ve visited. Just walking around made me short of breath quickly. Amazing view.

BOWLS LA – Version 2.0 coming soon!

Can you guess where?

Hint: next to an overrated ramen spot. =P

Good Girl Dinette

A self proclaimed ‘American diner meets Vietnamese comfort food’ establishment. Sounds pretty cool. Menu looks tasty.

And a two block walk off the Gold line in Highland Park. Sweet!

Drunk Alex Trebek

‘Name Tagging’ by Martha Cooper

Last month, pioneering Hip-Hop documentarian Martha Cooper debuted her newest publication Name Tagging at the OBEY Pop-Up Shop. Covering the prevalent notion of tagging with stickers once used primarily in the corporate environment, we took the opportunity to visit with Martha Cooper regarding her book, her contributions to graffiti and Hip-Hop and the importance of her getting involved early on as a photographer and the difficulty current photographers face.

Director: Devin San Martin

from: Hypebeast