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Fragment Starbucks card

Hiroshi gets his own Starbucks card, too? Dope.

from: EDC

Nicolas Cage Pachinko collection

Fever Pachinko!!!

Ahnold’s Japanese commercial legacy

So awesome!

Japanese AV star, Anri Suzuki offers free sex to Chinese students for WWII compensation

Now is probably no better time to be a Chinese student studying abroad in Japan, mainly because of Anri Suzuki, an AV idol who is now offering her body to “make up for the things the Japanese did to the Chinese during World War II”. As the You Offend Me, You Offend My Family blog states, “You’re essentially letting the Chinese do to you now, what the Japanese did to them in the past and that’s awesome!”

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R35 GT-R meet

And here’s a tilt shift version from my friend, Micah:

Adidas Originals – ‘Split Up Service’