2010 Ultimate Parts Collection

Besides my usual day job, my staff and I also work on other special projects for the company, some of which include producing one-off titles like this. What used to be dubbed the Ultimate Buyers Guide, we changed this year into the Ultimate Parts Collection, and is a hybrid theme of sorts. I decided to take design elements/inspiration from outside the automotive arena, mainly from All Gone, Hypebeast, Dwell…basically clean aesthetics, and we applied them to a car magazine of sorts. The end result I feel is a completely fresh look, a showcase of the best cars and parts, all professionally shot by our staff. You won’t find a better magazine anywhere else. I’m truly proud of everyone involved with this project, and that includes freelance help from Terence Patrick and BOWLS LA for the excellent video. Make the jump for the exclusive YouTube clip.


Again, many thanks to everyone who helped produce the 2010 Ultimate Parts Collection. Phenomenal work.

This issue is on sale NOW – so get out there and grab yourself a copy. We have a super special contest going on for it as well, but you need to pick up a copy to find out how to enter.


    • mandy
    • October 15th, 2010

    Hey, we entered the Ultimate Parts Collection contest. Any idea on when and how winners will be announced??

    • Winners will be announced shortly and will be contacted privately. All I can say is keep an eye out, won’t be able to reply personally if you’ve won.

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