Origins of the “Dirty Dog”, aka Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

Without fail, I always manage to eat one of these things after a long night of drinking in Hollywood. I’m sure you have, too.

But have you ever wondered, during your drunken stupor, where the Dirty Dog actually comes from? Believe it or don’t, it’s actually not born and raised in LA.

from Masa Assassin’s blog:

It is believed the bacon wrapped Hot Dog with all the trimmings began to appear in 1956. An unidentified Hot Dog cart in Mexico City’s Parque de la Alameda began serving bacon wrapped dogs to employees of the newly constructed Torre Latinoamericana. At the time, Torre Latinoamericana was then the tallest building in Latin America, and the fourth in height in the world outside New York.

Today you will find the Hot Dog all over Mexico, depending on the region you will see variances on the types of trimmings used and what the dog is called. In California, I often hear the bacon wrapped Hot Dog being referred to as a TJ Dog, Tijuana Hot Dog, Street Dog, Dangerous Dog and Dirty Dog.

read more: here

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