Soundtrack of My Life, Vol.1 ep.4

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ But A G Thang (1992)

I think a lot of people have great memories of this song. I’d love to hear what yours are.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured it’s time to catch up.

I clearly remember this song dropping sometime during my sophomore year in high school, 1993 to be exact. I’d just transferred in to South Pasadena from a private school and had relatively few friends. It was also the point in my life where I started hanging out with predominantly Asian kids, mostly because I hadn’t been exposed to a culturally diverse class of students in the private school system. I guess it’s where it all went downhill…or up? Anyway, at SPHS, the group that I just fell into could be classified as the “thugs” of the school (mostly wannabes if you truly analyze the situation, but it was all fun) and they loved their rap music. Just what I could identify with; rap/hip hop was one of the few things in life I appreciated from a younger age and now I had more people to share it with. “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” really shook things up.

That G-Funk was so raw and unique from the East Coast sounds that shaped rap’s beginnings. The sound was refined from Dre’s NWA days but it probably didn’t hurt that he had an up and coming rapper by his side – Snoop. I hadn’t even heard their first single, “Deep Cover” but it didn’t matter; this became THE anthem for our rowdy group of misfits. We bumped this shit everywhere: in bummed rides, Walkmans/Discmans, house parties, mixtapes…you name it. I bought it as a single, maxi-single and finally on “The Chronic”. I personally dig the instrumental a lot, especially if you want to go out and cruise around.

The video’s cool, too; just seems to capture the lifestyle of Compton and the gratuitous objectification of women made it all the more enjoyable to watch (don’t be so sensitive):

From there, the hits just kept comin’…and my high school life took off. Met most of the people who I call best friends to this day.

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