Soundtrack of My Life: Vol.1, ep.1

I’ve always considered myself a music buff with eclectic taste in all sorts of genres, blah blah – same story I think anyone would start off telling, especially if they love music, too. I sometimes imagine that if I were the guy who picked music for movie scores that I’d create a great soundtrack/set list; when I DJed for a few years, I thought I was pretty good at it. But since nobody’s going to hire me based on my musical tastes (yet), I thought maybe I could create the ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ and share with you, the music that’s defined and shaped me, for better or worse.

Now, I’m not going to just go off and think of music that I like; I’m going to let my iPod do the hard work. I figure working genre by genre should be good. I thought about just pressing “random” and “shuffle”, but that would cross over too many different types of music. So I’ll begin with my first true musical love: hip hop. I’ll also share a life story that I can best relate to whichever track is playing, and so on and so forth (I’ll spare you the background info on artists. You can do that work yourself, if you’re that interested). It really is the soundtrack of who I am. And so the needle drops…or tape pops.

Kid ‘N Play – Last Night (1987)

Since the iPod doesn’t just randomly go, I decided to start with Kid ‘N Play‘s ‘Last Night’. ‘Last Night’ is special to me because I feel like this is one of the first true hip hop songs that I actually listened to. I’m not going to say that I’ve been down since Afika Bambaataa or Kurtis Blow because it simply isn’t true. (And I don’t consider buying Licensed To Ill or He’s the DJ; I’m the Rapper as true firsts.) I can remember reading about the duo in an issue of Word Up! at the local newsstand; I’d seen the videos on MTV and just wanted to know more about hip hop, especially the artists. Being a product of suburb life (Pasadena, to be exact), you didn’t see a whole lot, at least, not where I came from. And here are these two guys – Kid, with that high top fade, got my attention.

So I wandered off to the Wherehouse (remember that joint?) and shuffled through the tiny “rap” section. Cassettes, mind you. Without having heard much of the artists before, I don’t think I spent too much time looking for complete albums, and since I also didn’t have more than a few bucks in my pocket, I looked at compilations to get my fix. Shit that had some corny name like “DEF RAP NYC” (I’ll try to find the tapes at my parent’s house and scan the cover for you), but they had a lot of artists, like MC Shan, Redhead Kingpin, Eric B & Rakim and finally, one song by Kid ‘N Play. It just happened to be ‘Last Night’.

I didn’t know if the song was any good; there was no way to listen to it like most people can listen to snippets off iTunes or download a bootleg off the Internet like you can today. I had to chance it. If it sucked, it sucked. But everything was so new that it was (here come the puns) fresh. (I can’t imagine having to grow up a teen these days and liking hip hop. Everything is garbage now!) I must’ve played this song over and over with the Aiwa reverse button on my Walkman. I bought 2 Hype shortly after.

I wish there were an actual video to go with this track; it probably would’ve been pretty funny!

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